Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tactics for Tyrants - Ogre Kingdoms Army Book Review Part 4: Core choices.

We continue our week long review of the Ogre Kingdoms army book by Stronghold Guard member Eg Giant-tripper. This time Eg tackles the backbone (and bulbous gut) of any Ogre force, the Core units! 

Ogre Kingdoms Core

Previously known as Bulls, these guys went down in cost by a relatively humongous 8 points, if you take into account the fact that light armor had to be purchased in the old book. Besides being cheaper and having the improved Ogre Charge, they’ve remained unchanged. Whether to take Ironfists over Additional Hand Weapons is a question many will be asking themselves, but the fact that back ranks can only contribute 3 attacks per Ogre leads me to believe that the former will be more popular. They still need character support to take down tough targets, but against most infantry they’ll reap a solid number of kills while their armor (and Parry saves when applicable) helps reduce some of the incoming damage. Unless entire armies of Ironguts come into fashion, expect to see at least a single unit of these in every list.

8 out of 10 Gnoblars

Much like their cheaper Ogre brethren, besides a price drop Ironguts haven’t changed that much. They still excel at taking down tougher enemies, they’re still a great retinue for characters (though Maneaters could potentially usurp this role once in a while) and people will still debate whether Ogres or ‘Guts are better. Of course, the answer will almost always be ‘whichever fits your list and opponent best’. One new trend that they’re well-placed to take advantage of is the popularity of Slaughtermaster generals, as they can take the dirt-cheap Standard of Discipline to make up for the Slaughtermaster’s comparatively low leadership.

8 out of 10 Gnoblars

Of all the core choices, these little blighters underwent the most changes. Not all were positive – they now have ordinary, inferior thrown weapons and have gone up 1/2 of a point (oh noes!). On the other hand they no longer bicker, have access to full command (which asides from the musician is a bit useless for such a weak unit, unless you’re playing Blood and Glory or you’re mad enough to try an army of Gnoblar blocks), have a smaller minimum unit size, and have access to the very fun Trappers upgrade. In their traditional role as a tarpit, they’re still very much the same, with their more reliable movement offsetting their increased cost in my opinion. However, a new option is to field them in units of 10, upgraded to Trappers, and use them as redirectors, getting in the way of enemy units which will no doubt steamroller them but could potentially lose more points of their unit than they gain by killing the runty gits.

7 out of 10 Gnoblars (or is that Ogres?)

Overall verdict - The mainstay units of the old book are improved and stay mainstay units of the new book as well! Expect to see most all of these represented in your average Ogre list.

Right on! I love me some Gnoblars and you can't go wrong with a parry save on your Ogres (or Bulls as I will always call them). What about  about you? How do equip your Ogres (Bulls) for battle and do you find yourself taking them over the comparable Ironguts? Leave us a comment and let us know! Tomorrow we'll continue looking at the Ogre units with Special choices. 


  1. Ironfist and club, always. Very effective, much more durable than last book, and my bulls were already modeled that way. Well played GW.

  2. I have yet to see the combo on the table (lame I know) but I just can't see the extra attack for the front rank being worth giving up the parry save on the Ogres. Ironfists all the way!